GP Bullhound, London

A Domino system which provides flexible space, featuring sheer glazed panels.

GP Bullhound is a leading technology advisory and investment firm, providing transaction advice and capital to the world’s entrepreneurs and founders.

AIS Interiors was appointed to provide an overhaul of GP Bullhound’s London-based offices that strengthens their ability to attract and retain the industries ‘top talent’.

Creatif Wall was approached to manufacture and install a glazed moving wall system which offers the flexibility to connect the office’s main reception and waiting lounge area to the nearby breakout space when required.

Creatif Wall’s slim acoustic glass moving wall system, Domino, was ultimately chosen. The system is comprised of 7 semi-transparent panels featuring fluted glazing, all of which can be quickly and neatly stacked away in a hidden bay.

Domino is a top-hung operable wall system, meaning there is no obstructive floor track when the panels are stacked.

The central panel features a lockable pass door, allowing access when the system is in use.

While the sheer glazed panels allow for transfer of light between the two spaces, the same cannot be said for the transfer of sound which is minimised thanks to Domino’s acoustic performance.

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