Inside Asia, Bristol

A truly unique 360-degree Float panel system.

Creatif Wall was approached by a designer with a requirement for a pod-shaped room to incorporate a sliding door that matched the radius of the room. The designer provided a computer-generated movie to illustrate the concept – the challenge was quite clear!

Further complications were the need for the inner face of the curved sliding door to have write-on/off capability, and the outer face to have bespoke printed graphics, not to mention the fact that the curved door needed to be able to travel the pod’s full 360 degrees. Creatif Wall’s design team proposed Float as the product capable of realising the designer’s vision. Float’s elegant panel profile, the ability to apply replaceable printed fabrics and the aluminium frame accepting write-on laminate substrate boards made Float the obvious choice.

Whilst the panel design itself was now confirmed possible, the Creatif Wall design team directed their attention to the curved track. Faceted track was not acceptable! With a tight 2.3m radius, curving the 100mm square aluminium head track was always going to be a challenge.

The solution was to appoint a specialist track roller – several test samples later produced a result that passed Creatif Wall’s rigorous quality standards and the final piece was then put to the roller for production. The result was perfect – curved (not faceted) lengths of track joining together to create a complete 360 degrees then enabled the curved Float panels to travel around full circle.

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