Law Firm, Leeds

Space division made effortless thanks to Solo Semi-Automatic acoustic moving walls.

The office design and fit-out specialists at Overbury were tasked with delivering a new workspace for a leading Leeds-based law firm – bringing their 500 employees together under the same roof for the first time.

Creatif Wall was approached to provide a solution capable of dividing multiple meeting rooms on the building’s first floor that would allow for different sized spaces depending on their intended use.

Due to the often sensitive and private information you would expect to be discussed within meeting spaces found at a law firm, privacy was paramount to the brief – making Creatif Wall’s Solo moving wall system the perfect choice, thanks to it’s impressive acoustic performance.

When the system is fully closed, conversations cannot be heard on the opposite side of the wall. This is thanks to Solo’s core working in collaboration with the top and bottom seals to block the transfer of sound.

When a single larger area is required for team meetings, large presentations and other tasks that require additional floorspace, the panels can be folded away leaving no floor track for an even surface free from obstruction.

Being a semi-automatic Solo system, each panel has a hidden switch that can be used to open and close the top and bottom seals – which means there is no need for manual winding. Simply hold the button until the seals are in place and move the panel to it’s desired location.

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